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Date:2006-04-02 01:17

Hello, we are two students at Rochester Institute of Technology currently engaged in an independent study project addressing the issue of hazing in New York. The goal of this project is two-pronged - we wish to discover the prevalence of hazing in the state as well as get your opinion on what should be done about it, if anything.

Under the lj-cut is our survey, which asks a variety of questions about your personal experiences with hazing, and we would greatly appreciate it if you could take a minute or two from your time to fill it out really quickly. We even have questions at the beginning for those who have never experienced hazing but wish to share their opinion on the subject. Additionally, each question gives you the option to answer in more detail beyond the choices we have already provided. We encourage you to take advantage of this if you have more include in your answer.

Your responses to this survey are anonymous, so please do not put your name (or any information that would identify you) anywhere on this survey. You may quit the survey at any time and for any reason, or you may decline to answer any of the questions, but your responses to every question are important and we ask that you answer as many of the questions as you possibly can. You may post your answers however you like - under your user name, anonymously, or you may e-mail them to us at hazing.survey@gmail.com. All posts will be screened, so no one except you, us, and the community administrator will be able to see your responses.

Please inform us of any questions, concerns, or feedback you might have. If you do not feel that this survey belongs in this community, or if you are offended by any part of it, please let us know and we will be more than willing to take it down. Thank you in advance for your time.

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Date:2006-01-27 14:59

hi im Yelena.
I'm a senior at Bronx Science and i got into Hunter Honors.
I was just wondering how the dorms were. I heard that the honors program gives you single room dorms and i wanted to know if it was true. Also, how are the bathrooms. and in terms of size, are the rooms decent?

also i was wondering whether there was anything i should know before i go the the reception because i am a bit nervous and don't want to embarrass myself.

also, i know this sounds a bit dumb but how is the party scene? i mean i realize i'll be living at the brooksdale residence at hunter so i'll be living with other people (not just those that attend honors) and i've never really heard much about hunter so i was just wondering if there was a big social scene there.


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Date:2005-12-22 06:53
Subject:Strike Solidarity Call To Action

New Yorkers Support the Strike

The mainstream media has taken a uniform position against the strike. They are stannding side by side with the Mayor and the MTA in trying to pit workers against the strike by calling the workers "greedy" and "thuggish."

But many New Yorkers know on a gut level that it is the billionaire mayor and the MTA(sitting on a $billion surplus) who are greedy and object to the racist imagery of referring to a predominantly black and latino workforce as "thugs."

This strike has the possibility of revitalizing the labor movement, giving other worker the confidence to demand fair salaries and benefits, and challenging the anti-union and anti-worker Taylor Law: the unions fight is our fight.

Come show your solidarity as we picket outside the Daily News today, Dec 22nd at 4:30 pm. Let's make it as difficult as possible to ignore the public support for the transit workers.

What: Picket in Solidarity with the Striking Workers
When: TODAY, Dec 22nd at 4:30pm
Where: Daily News at 450 W. 33 Street btw 9th and 10th

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Date:2005-10-09 19:27
Subject:Popular Education

All City (a student/community empowerment org) presents... The Free Academy

WHEN: Tuesday, OCT 11 @ 8pm-10pm
WHERE: Hunter College, in the Thomas Hunter building, room 521

THE FREE ACADEMY, a popular education program


Discuss with us how the state intentionally and unconstitutionally underfunded the NYC public school system, an what it means for us as students.

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Date:2005-09-11 11:13
Subject:Talent Show forms

Just a reminder for the freshman, talent show forms are due....ASAP!!!!

and for more student life events www.chcstudents.com

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Date:2005-09-06 22:39
Subject:Breast Cancer Walk!!!

Hey you guys, I dont want to bother you too often, but this is an important cause, and I hope you will join!
One in seven women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime. The Komen New York City Race for Cure® http://www.komennyc.org/ raises money to fund education, screening and treatment programs for thousands of underserved women in our community, in addition to national medical research.

Last year the CUNY Honors College Team raised $1,000.00 for this wonderful cause. This year we have raised our goal to $1,500.00 and we need your help!!

Go to the CUNY Honors College Team site http://www.komennyc.org/site/TR?pg=team&fr_id=1120&team_id=8690 to register to walk with the CUNY Honors College Team or to donate money and help the team reach their goal.

Advanced registration is cheaper and easier, but you can register up to the morning of the walk. Come and show your support and bring along all your friends, CHC or otherwise. If you can't make it, you can donate to one of the walkers as well.

Just a reminder check www.CHCSTUDENTS.com for more student life events

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Date:2005-09-06 08:54
Subject:Hunter CAN: Money for RELIEF not WAR! WEDNESDAY

Campus Anti-war Network National Day of Action:

Raise funds! Raise your voice!
Speak Out!

Money for RELIEF not WAR!

Wednesday 1-2 pm in front of HUNTER WEST

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Date:2005-09-01 13:32

can someone tell me how much on average it would cost to study abroad? i know cuny honors covers it, but i'd like to know if it's taken out of the 7500 account or is it a separate account? if it's included there, i'd like to know how much it usually is to study abroad so this way i can plan around it.


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Date:2005-03-20 17:41
Subject:some dates to look forward to

Ice Skating in Wollman Rink Saturday, April 2, 7-9pm
Info and RSVP by March 20 to Jonathan Judge at jjudge@honorscollege.cuny.edu

Relay for Life at Baruch College Friday April 8, 5pm-9am
Contact Christine Curella ccurella@honorscollege.cuny.edu (Community Service Credit

NY Cares Day Saturday, April 16, TBA
Contact Christine Curella ccurella@honorscollege.cuny.edu (Community Service Credit

Capture the Flag in Prospect Park Sunday, April 17, 12-4pm
Info and RSVP by April 8 to Aubrie Dillon at adillo@hunter.cuny.edu

Stinky Sneaker Walk-a-Thon Sunday, May 8, 12-5pm
Contact Christine Curella ccurella@honorscollege.cuny.edu (Community Service Credit

Boat Ride Sunday, May 29, TBA
Info and RSVP to Russell Neiss at rneiss@honorscollege.cuny.edu

Lehman Picnic Sunday, June 5, 12pm
Please complete the online survey to RSVP and tell us your thoughts at

Hearing-to announce all your thoughts to the entire assembly
Monday, March 21, 6pm, Graduate Center Room C197
FREE FOOD and Apparell will be sold!!!!

Committee Meetings:
Community Service Thursday March 31, 6:30pm, Graduate Center Room TBA
Wednesday, April 13, 6:30pm, Graduate Center Room TBA
Tuesday, May 3, 6:30pm, Graduate Center Room TBA
Wednesday, May 18, 6:30pm, Graduate Center Room TBA
Student Life
Tuesday, April 5, 6:30pm, Brooklyn Collge Basement of SUBO 6:30
Tuesday, April 12, 1:30pm, Lehman College (Site Visit for June Picnic)
Wednesday, May 4, 6:30pm, Queens College, Exact Location TBA
Academic Affairs Tuesday April 12, 8:20pm, Graduate Center, Exact Location TBA
General Assembly Wednesday, April 20, 7pm, Graduate Center Room TBA

Also, if you are interested in creating an Honors College Club ,email Rori Picker at

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Date:2004-10-28 01:54


She's got a very good point. I agree with much of what she's written, but not all CHC students behave like that...

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Date:2004-10-22 14:53

Anyone else doing the Florence trip this intercession?

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Date:2004-10-02 22:43

hey, why are there no lj communities for baruch kids??

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Date:2004-09-02 18:25
Subject:Freshman Talent Show

Hey there all, Im Viky (Junior, Brooklyn, Speech Pathology) and Im on the Student Life Committee(SLC) which is a part of the CHC student government. I'd like to welcome all freshman into CHC and I hope your first week is going well. Additionally, I'd like to remind all freshman to remember to hand in you talent show applications to your advisor, the talent show shall be a fun experience and you all are the ones to make it fun! Come and represent your college, whether its playing the harmonica, doing work back stage, or helping us plan the event by joining the Student Life Committee(SLC). So remember to hand in your applications ASAP.

And if anyone is intrested in joining the SLC tell me and i shall add you to our yahoo group, and we are having a meeting on the 14th at the grad center, so if anyone wants anymore info on that, just leave a message, and I'll get back to you after the beep.


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Date:2004-07-20 08:00
Mood: bored

May I advise linking to the CHC Intranet as the community's website instead of the crappy excuse for publicity that is the CUNY.edu portal?


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Date:2004-07-19 19:59

*cough* *cough* so this is my not-so-graceful entrance into the honors college community. *waves*

so let's see, what's been going down in the honors college lately. oh yes, the ban from living on the courtyard side for all honors kids. yes, how we love the vice president of hunter. =\ but all that's changed now, the ban was lifted and now we get to pay $200 a year for fresh air (or as fresh as you can get living next to the FDR). although, it sucks majorly to be a freshman because they won't be allowed to pay the difference. (so if you're a freshman, complain. never hurt anyone to riot...right? =P)

what else...what else? greatly missing persell in the honors lounge. or rather, missing an advisor that cares about the measly details of our lives. oy. perhaps when the school year starts things will look up.

ahh the bliss that is honors college.

see ya'll around.

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Date:2004-07-17 03:39

1) Sorry the layout is so plain. I'll get on that once... well, once I feel like it. Deal. Your layout probably isn't much better. Mine isn't.
2) Is it just me, or is no one in the Honors College on Live Journal except for three other people?
4) Post away!

PS - MERRI: Email Josh Mylar and get his ass into this shit, stat.

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